Meinhardt Raabe Judy Garland

ORANGE PARK, Fla. – Meinhardt Raabe (MYN' hahrt RAH' bee), who played the Munchkin coroner in "The Wizard of Oz," has died.

His caregiver, Cindy Bosnyak, said Raabe died Friday morning at a hospital in Orange Park, Fla. He was 94 and was one of the few surviving Munchkins from the 1939 film.

Bosnyak said he complained of a sore throat at his retirement community before collapsing.

Raabe was a veteran "midget" performer, as little people were then known, when the film was made. He was the official who pronounces the Wicked Witch "really most sincerely dead."

In a 1988 Associated Press interview, he said he had no idea the movie would become a classic, because at the time of its release, it was overshadowed by "Gone With the Wind."


Malcolm McLaren first came to prominence as the notorious manager of the Sex Pistols



Of course the Snarkies are HUGE Princess Diana fans... we still feel a wee bit o sympathy for poor Camilla and her broken (hoof) oops leg. We hope she heals in a speedy fashion...

Speaking of fashion.... We just had to add some....

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Prince Charles' Wife Breaks Leg While Hill Walking

(Sky News) - Prince Charles' wife Camilla remains upbeat despite breaking her leg in a fall -- telling aides: "It could be worse", Sky News reported Thursday.

The Duchess of Cornwall suffered a twisted fracture of her left fibula when she slipped while hill walking in Scotland

But a spokesperson for the Royal Family said Camilla was unfazed by the injury she suffered during Wednesday's fall, adding: "The Duchess is cheerful and it's a case of 'Life goes on — it could be worse.'"

Camilla, 62, was on her traditional Easter break at Birkhall, Prince Charles' private home on the Queen's Balmoral estate, when the accident happened.

After the slip the Duchess needed some help getting down from the hill.

After resting up overnight she had an x-ray which revealed the extent of the problem.

Doctors have advised Camilla not to put any weight on her leg and she will have to wear a cast for six weeks.

However the Duchess has told aides she intends to carry out all her official engagements, which are scheduled for the end of the month.

The Royal spokesperson added: "While hill-walking in slippery conditions in Scotland, the Duchess of Cornwall took a tumble and hurt her leg.

"Today, following doctor's advice, her royal highness had an x-ray which showed a twisted fracture of the fibula.

"Consequently her royal highness is wearing a plaster cast and will be for six weeks."