Tipsy Toes - Reusable Ice Cube Shoes

There's no place like the bar, there's no place like the bar...You don't even have to click these ruby red heels 3 times to get gorgeously chilled drinks! Tipsy Toes are stylish, reusable ice cubes that will not dilute your drink! Buy these Ruby Slippers HERE

Ooh we want this perfect Snarky Woman's mug!

But your diamonds HERE

Cocktail Shaker Lip Balm

Cocktail Shaker Lip Balms have taken inspiration from popular cocktails. Packaged as a mini cocktail shaker, each luscious lip balm will make even teetotallers’ lips feel delicious. There are 6 fabulous flavors just lining up to pour themselves over your lips!

The Strawberry Daiquiri lip balm will coat your lips in a succulent strawberry scent, whilst the Apple Martini will make your lips taste as though you have just taken a bite of a crunchy apple. You’ll be in for a tangy treat if you end up with the Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Shaker Lip Balm, whereas the Pina Colada balm will coat your lips up with a smooth coconut scented balm. Lastly the Cosmopolitan lip balm will add a cranberry bite, and the Margarita will give a shot of lime to your lips.

Bullet Ice Cube Tray

Freshen up that killer drink with a round from the Bullet Ice Tray! Show James Bond how it's done and add a little sophistication to your parties with this amazing ice cube tray. Great for your next Sopranos Party!

Bullet Ice Cube Trays are ideal stocking fillers and novelty gifts! Why not use some Bullet Ice Cubed at a James Bond or gangster themed party? You can even color your ice cubes with cordial or fruit juice! but them HERE

Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the freezer... This Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray is the perfect addition to drinks and themed parties! Watch these Shark Fin Ice Cubes float around in your Blue Shark Cocktail, as you wonder whether it is safe or not to take a sip.

Create 5 awesome Shark Fins in this shark-chewed ice tray and relive the days of Jaws and the She Gods of Shark Reef. This Shark Fin Ice Cube Tray will give your guests a whale of a time! But Them HERE




Don Marco was born in Northern Minnesota in the late 1920's. His interest in art was evident even before starting school. As a young adult in the Army Air Corp, he began his life's career in Air Traffic Control, which continued until his retirement from Honolulu International Airport in 1973... Much of his spare time was spent as a professional artist.

Burt Reynolds Crayola Portrait

Before retirement, Don started developing a technique to create fine art, using Crayola Crayons. Shortly after retiring, he published his first print. Living in Southern California, his work was in demand, including commissions from Burt Reynolds and a one-man show at his Dinner Theater in Florida ....

James Arness Matt Dillon from Gunsmoke

John Wayne Rooster Cogburn in True Grit

Clint Eastwood

Such talent!