But where did you call when you have a technical problem with your computer?
Japan or India ?



The team hoops&yoyo, a cat and a bunny, is coming to the Hallmark Channel on its holiday movie nights.

The Hallmark Channel does not have recognizable stars or signature television shows. So it is embracing something it has not exploited up until now: its connection to hoops & yoyo.

In a cross promotion strategy seemingly plucked from a Hallmark marketer’s dream, two characters from the most popular line of Hallmark Cards will be hosts of the Hallmark Channel’s holiday movie nights on Fridays from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

The characters, hoops&yoyo — they evidently spell their names lowercase without any spaces, as “hoops&yoyo” — will introduce the movies and banter about them during commercial breaks. They will also act as mascots for the movie nights, which are part of the channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” programming month. YAY It's makes us wanna SHOUT EAT SOME CANDY AND SHOUT!


Antonio Banderas as THE VAMPIRE ARMAND Honey he can bite us any time! Watch Armand Here

"Born somewhere in the eastern European state of Kiev in the late 15th century, Armand (at this time called Andrei) becomes an icon painter in a monastery. He is forcefully taken out of this life of prayer and devotion by slave traders, who take him to Constantinople and then to Venice, where he is destined to work in a brothel. Soon after his arrival in Venice he is purchased by the vampire Marius de Romanus (whose life story is told in Blood and Gold), who names him Amadeo." Anne Rice

Steven Moyer as BILL COMPTON

Bill is a 173 year old vampire with whom Sookie falls in love. He became a vampire following the American Civil War. He has seen many sights of cruelty and violence. Best Vampire Arms go to Steve Compton oh my the ladies are farklempt! Plz talk amongst yourselves!

Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt

"Lestat, ever the maverick and laughing trickster. Six feet tall, a young man of twenty when made, with huge warm blue eyes and thick flashy blond hair, square of jaw, with a generous beautifully shaped mouth and skin darkened by a sojourn in the sun which would have killed a weaker vampire, a ladies' man, an Oscar Wildean fantasy, the glass of fashion, the most bold and disregarding dust vagabond on occasion, loner, wanderer, heartbreaker and wise guy, dubbed the 'Brat Prince'..." Anne Rice


Our Snarky View favorite of all comedians Eddie Izzard... has a new MOVIE coming out soon!!! We will be in the front row to see our boy Eddie. Check his movie website HERE






We just loved this picture.....

NOW Goes After David Letterman Over Affairs With Female Staffers

We totally agree with NOW and how long does this jerk get away with using people for hsi own pathetic publicity? He has by his own confession been sexually harassing his staff.

By Catherine Donaldson-Evans

NEW YORK — The National Organization for Women has put David Letterman in its crosshairs.

NOW issued a strongly worded statement Tuesday night saying the late-night host created a "toxic environment" for his female employees by having sex with several young staff members over the years.

Letterman admitted to having multiple affairs last week after a CBS News producer allegedly threatened to blackmail him.

NOW President Terry O'Neill blasted the late-night funnyman, saying the affairs were classic examples of sexual harassment in the workplace.

"As 'the boss,' he is responsible for setting the tone for his entire workplace — and he did that with sex," O'Neill said. "This places all employees — including employees who happen to be women — in an awkward, confusing and demoralizing situation."

A powerful man with a public forum like Letterman, O'Neill said, can get away with turning women into sex objects because "he can crack a few jokes and publicly apologize for his mistakes."

"It is this kind of hypocrisy that perpetuates the image of men in power preying on women, while many look the other way," O'Neill said.

NOW urged CBS to take immediate action against Letterman for his lewd behavior — but so far, it has stopped short of calling on the network to drop his show.

"The National Organization for Women calls on CBS ... to take action immediately to rectify this situation," O'Neill said.

But, she added: "With just two women on CBS' board of directors, we're not holding our breath."

SLIDESHOW: David Letterman's History of Woman Trouble.

Also coming down hard against Letterman is celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, a women's rights activist whose California firm specializes in sexual harassment cases. She is urging Letterman's former and current employees to take him to court.
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* DA: CBS News Producer Charged in Letterman Plot Was Desperate, in Debt
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"I think the best way to get (the message) out to Letterman is to sue him," Allred told FOXNews.com.

Allred, known for her publicity stunts and representation of high-profile clients, paraded down a Hollywood movie premiere red carpet Tuesday night carrying an open letter she penned to the "Late Show" host that read in part, "David Letterman, Just Say No to Sex in Your Workplace."

She was coy when asked whether her involvement is an attempt to woo Letterman's staff members to hire her if they decide to sue the comedian.

"If somebody contacted me, I'd have to explore the facts," Allred told FOXNews.com.

SLIDESHOW: Celebrity Affairs Exposed.

Longtime CBS News producer Robert "Joe" Halderman, 51, was charged last week with trying to extort $2 million from Letterman in exchange for keeping silent about the affairs. Letterman has since apologized for his behavior to his wife, family, staff and fans on his show.

Founded in 1966, NOW has more than 500,000 contributing members in all 50 states, according to its Web site.


Suryia and Roscoe - Best Of Friends

The orangutan was in a rescue and not doing well. This old hound wandered in absolutely emaciated and the orangutan snapped to like his buddy had arrived. He stayed with the hound night and day until he was well and in the whole scenario found a reason to live. They are now inseparable.

Where you lead, I will follow...best friends Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick hound..

Doggy paddle's the order of the day here for the couple who live at the Tigers sanctuary in Myrtle Beach , South Carolina. Suryia and Roscoe spend hours together every day - they're particularly keen on swimming.

The two mates see the funny side of most things.

There's always time to chill.

For once, Roscoe's letting it all hang out.

The three-year-old orangutan goes everywhere with Roscoe.

A dog's not just a man's best friend, he's an orangutan's too.





Every one of those little blue balls is a thought about something that needs to be done, a decision or a problem that needs to be solved.

A man only has only 2 balls and they consume all his thoughts.



This is yet another Letterman story that won't die. Now the question for the Snarkies out there is:

Do we give a s**t about Dave having affairs with even more boring women than the one he just married? Tap tap tap the stiletto. Ah no...

See we here at TSV already know that Dave has discovered the sympathy ratings game. He has learned to commit a bigger and even badder crime so he can "Apologize...." Just like the workers at the big Utilility Companies "apologize" now for every slight their huge company big wigs commit. Oh your bill is too high? I Apologize.... sooth the savage beast lalalalala

Anywho back to our pal Dave apologizing once more. Dave has learned if he commits some huge faux pas (see : blunder; especially : a social blunder). Then he lets the press get all worked up and then apologizes so his ratings go through the roof. Dave doesn't really care if the apology soothes the offended party, just how much press can he get from it. He can then milk it for jokes like Johnny Carson used his many divorces for jokes. But sexually harassing his staff is not smoothed away by lame public apologies. This time Dave you are seriously creepy here. You are a borderline child molester if you ask us.

Remember when Lee Iococca got caught when his people were turning back thousands of odometers in the 1980's? Oops sorry! Yes we did it but we promise to never do it again. All is forgiven!

Iacocca Admits Mileage Tampering Was 'Dumb' - Apologizes for Chrysler's New Car 'Test-Drives' by Its Managers With Odometers Disconnected By JAMES RISEN, Times Staff Writer|July 02, 1987 DETROIT — Acknowledging that Chrysler had been "dumb" to disconnect the odometers on new cars being test-driven by company managers before they were sold, Chrysler Chairman Lee A. Iacocca asked the nation for forgiveness Wednesday. "Did we screw up? You bet we did," Iacocca conceded during a press conference at Chrysler's headquarters. "We're human, and sometimes people do some pretty dumb things."

Now the point we would like to discuss with Mr. Letterman is why he seems to pick his very plain little worker girls to use for sex? Because they are more or less a "captive" audience? If they say no to his advances (as Fanny Brice would say) would they lose their high paying television jobs? Yes more than likely Dave would can them if they refused.

He has opened himself up for some serious sexual harassment litigation now hasn't he? Apologize to the courts Dave as you open up that really tight wallet of yours to pay off the worker girls.



The Postal Services created a stamp with a picture of President Obama on it. Subsequently, it was noticed that the stamp was not sticking to envelopes. This enraged the President, who demanded a full investigation. After a month of testing and $1.73 million in congressional spending, a special Presidential commission presented the following findings:

The stamp is in perfect order.
There is nothing wrong with the glue.
People are spitting on the wrong side.



Jackson autopsy could pose problems for his doctor..... YA THINK??? We can't believe this "Doctor" has not been arrested yet! One of our MD friends told us that HE is a murdered just as if he shot him with a gun. The Doctor had NO business administering that type of anesthesia in an unmonitored environment. Then this DR and we use the term loosely, injects the drugs and walks off for 47 minutes and just lets MJ die. We don't care if the Celebrity "wanted" the drugs... Remember... DO NO HARM? This story is really interesting so we would like to share it with the snarkies.

Thomas Watkins, Associated Press Writer – 26 mins ago

LOS ANGELES – Michael Jackson's autopsy report was surprising as much for what it didn't contain as for what it did: The singer was in relatively good health for a man his age and no illegal drugs were detected in his system.

Jackson's physical condition, detailed in his autopsy report obtained by The Associated Press, could be a useful tool for prosecutors as they weigh charges against his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, who told police he administered a powerful anesthetic to the singer shortly before he died.

The coroner has ruled Jackson's death at age 50 a homicide with his death caused by acute intoxication of the anesthetic propofol with other sedatives a contributing factor. The coroner found the propofol was administered without any medical need and that recommended resuscitation equipment was missing.

The autopsy findings block a potential defense for Murray — that Jackson hid serious pre-existing conditions that increased the risk of death from the drugs he willingly took.

"It clearly establishes that Michael Jackson was a healthy person whose death appears to have been directly caused by the administration of some very powerful sedatives," said criminal defense attorney and former federal prosecutor Mark Werksman. "This autopsy report seems to clear the path for a prosecution that his death was caused by an overdose."

The Los Angeles County coroner's report shows Jackson's weight of 136 pounds was in the acceptable range for a 5-foot-9 man. His heart was strong with no sign of plaque buildup. His kidneys and most other major organs were normal.

Still, the singer did have health issues, many of them age related, including arthritis in the lower spine and some fingers, and mild plaque buildup in his leg arteries. Most serious was the condition of his lungs, which the autopsy report said were chronically inflamed and had reduced capacity that might have left him short of breath.

But the report noted the condition of his lungs would not have been a direct or contributing cause of death.

Murray's attorney, Edward Chernoff, said he was anxious to see the full autopsy results and would not comment until he had done so. He added that he stood by his original statement that Murray did not administer anything that "should have" killed Jackson.

Except for a brief video posted to YouTube, Murray has not spoken publicly since Jackson's death. In the video, Murray said: "I told the truth and I have faith the truth will prevail."

Michael G. Dave, a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in civil litigation, said the autopsy report would be valuable for the Jackson family in the event they file a wrongful death civil suit. Such suits have a lower burden of proof than criminal prosecutions.

"That report, at face value, is dynamite for both the prosecutors and the heirs of Michael Jackson," said Michael G. Dave, a Los Angeles lawyer specializing in civil litigation. "It will go a long way to enable the heirs to win any wrongful death suit."

Stan Goldman, criminal law professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, said the autopsy findings would likely bolster a possible prosecution.

"The question for me is not if the prosecution has a stellar case for involuntary manslaughter but if they are going to try to go for some kind of murder," Goldman said.

Records state Murray told police he administered 25 milligrams of propofol to Jackson. But that's a very small dose that would not have kept the star under for long, raising questions about whether Murray misspoke or police misinterpreted what he told them.

The report provided details about Jackson's state from head to toes.

He had a 3/4-inch scar behind his left ear and another apparent scar behind his right ear. He had a scar beside each of his nostrils and another, 4-inch scar on his right shoulder. He had a pair of additional scars about 3-inches long at the base of his neck and smaller scars on his arms and wrist. He also had a small scar near his navel and a 2-inch scar on the right-hand side of his abdomen.

He was going bald at the front of his head, with his remaining hair described as short and tightly curled. The bald part of his scalp was darkened with what appeared to be a tattoo stretching across the top of his head from ear to ear.

The coroner found depigmentation of his skin around his chest, abdomen, face and arms. The report also said he was actively producing sperm.