Expert Rules Out Carradine Suicide

(AP) The forensics expert hired by David Carradine's family has concluded that the "Kung Fu" actor did not commit suicide, but said that more information was needed from Thai investigators before the cause of death could be determined.

Carradine's brothers, Keith and Robert Carradine, each read part of a prepared statement to reporters from The Associated Press at a Los Angeles hotel Thursday morning. In their first appearance since their older brother was found hanging in a Bangkok hotel room closet last week, they thanked supporters and asked for privacy.

We have had serious doubts about David's suicide. We believe he may have been involved in some freakish acts and died accidently or perhaps a homocide but not suicide. Our first question about this scene was:

Why would he wait so long to do it at age 72?

Why did he fly all the way to Bangkok to do it?

Actors don't usually begin filming and then ace themselves. Doubt filled for sure. RIP DAVID

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Beth said...

From everything friends said, he was not in a suicidal state of mind. Quite the opposite. I hope his family is able to find some closure. We recently watched a movie with the three brothers in it (review to come!), and David was such a fantastic actor. He will be missed.