Snarky Woman Hall of Fame for September is Connie Francis!

Read Ms Francis' Authorized Bio HERE

Where the Boy's Are was a snarky scandalous film for it's time. Sexy and explicit in 1960's terms but really dated (almost laughable) by today's standards.

From Wiki:

Where the Boys Are (1960) is a American coming-of-age comedy film, written by George Wells based on the novel by Glendon Swarthout, about four Midwestern college co-eds who spend spring break in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The title song "Where the Boys Are" was sung by Connie Francis, who also co-starred in a supporting role. The film was aimed at the teen market, featuring sun, sand and romance. Released in the wintertime, it inspired thousands of additional American college students to head to Fort Lauderdale for their annual spring break.

Where the Boys Are was one of the first teen films to explore adolescent sexuality and the changing sexual mores and attitudes among American college youth. Given the censorship of the day, the audience is never sure of exactly what happened to Yvette Mimieux's character, but it is insinuated she was raped.

Here is the cast:

Dolores Hart ... Merritt Andrews
Connie Francis ... Angie
George Hamilton ... Ryder Smith
Yvette Mimieux ... Melanie Tolman
Jim Hutton ... TV Thompson
Barbara Nichols ... Lola Fandango
Paula Prentiss ... Tuggle Carpenter
Chill Wills ... Police Captain
Frank Gorshin ... Basil
Connie Francis ... Angie

This is the movie we loved the most in the 60's!!!

Fantastically gorgeous Ms. Francis had such a dramatic and unmistakable voice. I loved her style, her dark hair and Italian features. I got to see her live in Toledo Ohio back in the 1980's and Connie blew the house down ( RK with it).

Not a lot of people knew that Connie had a big relationship with Bobby Darin before Sandra Dee.

Here them sing together HERE. What a perfect vocal match!

From Bobby's Fan Site:

Bobby Darin and Connie Francis were sweethearts as they both began there careers in the recording industry. Bobby and Connie met in January of 1956. Connie recorded
"My First Real Love " a song written by Bobby and Don Kirshner, and Bobby and his group "The Jaybirds" sang the background vocals. In Connie autobiography, Who's Sorry Now (St. Martin's Press), Connie devotes two chapters to her relationship with Bobby.

Connie talks about Bobby HERE

"Bobby Darin was different--dynamic, versatile, chock full of energy, with a fierce determination I had never seen before," she writes in the book. "I learned to adore him for all the reasons I always would-his respect for the little guy, his sense of fairness,his intellect,candor,and self confidence, his brashness, toughness and sweet tenderness-all the contrasts that made him so fascinating."

Francis has been married four times. She married Dick Kanellis against her father's wishes on August 15, 1964. She divorced him three months later after he abused her.

She married hairdresser Izadore "Izzy" Marion on January 16, 1971. They divorced the following year. In September 1973 she married Joseph Garzilli; together they adopted a son, Joseph Garzilli Jr. (Joey), born in 1974.

She has stated that it was because of her rape in 1974 that she divorced him. After the marriage ended, she married television producer Bob Parkinson, on June 27, 1985. Like the others, this marriage ended in divorce.

Nasal surgery to correct previous surgery caused a sensitivity to air conditioning and deprived her of her ability to sing professionally for four years.

Her brother George was murdered in 1981. REad the Transcripts HERE

Francis was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She has long suffered from continuing mental impairments that developed as a result of her rape, including drug dependencies and suicide attempts. She uses lithium to treat the illness.

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