Runaway zebra in Atlanta causes rush hour traffic chaos

Atlanta rush hour traffic was a circus Thursday afternoon-- literally. An escaped zebra galloped aimlessly down a Georgia highway as motorists swerved, halted and nearly wrecked to avoid it.

Police say the animal escaped from a circus and pranced through downtown Atlanta before making its way onto a busy freeway. Several drivers stopped while others veered to miss the animal.

Police cruisers were on the scene as emergency dispatchers were flooded with reports of a zebra running wild through the Georgia capital. Officers were able to herd the zebra from the interstate to an entrance ramp where it was contained.

Southbound traffic was backed up for several minutes.

One motorist said she would have likely hit the zebra if her daughter hadn't alerted her.

"I had just sent a text to my husband," the woman said. "As I put the phone back into my bag, (my daughter) yelled, 'Look mommy, a zebra!' I couldn't believe it."

No injuries were reported.

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