The team hoops&yoyo, a cat and a bunny, is coming to the Hallmark Channel on its holiday movie nights.

The Hallmark Channel does not have recognizable stars or signature television shows. So it is embracing something it has not exploited up until now: its connection to hoops & yoyo.

In a cross promotion strategy seemingly plucked from a Hallmark marketer’s dream, two characters from the most popular line of Hallmark Cards will be hosts of the Hallmark Channel’s holiday movie nights on Fridays from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

The characters, hoops&yoyo — they evidently spell their names lowercase without any spaces, as “hoops&yoyo” — will introduce the movies and banter about them during commercial breaks. They will also act as mascots for the movie nights, which are part of the channel’s “Countdown to Christmas” programming month. YAY It's makes us wanna SHOUT EAT SOME CANDY AND SHOUT!

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