This is yet another Letterman story that won't die. Now the question for the Snarkies out there is:

Do we give a s**t about Dave having affairs with even more boring women than the one he just married? Tap tap tap the stiletto. Ah no...

See we here at TSV already know that Dave has discovered the sympathy ratings game. He has learned to commit a bigger and even badder crime so he can "Apologize...." Just like the workers at the big Utilility Companies "apologize" now for every slight their huge company big wigs commit. Oh your bill is too high? I Apologize.... sooth the savage beast lalalalala

Anywho back to our pal Dave apologizing once more. Dave has learned if he commits some huge faux pas (see : blunder; especially : a social blunder). Then he lets the press get all worked up and then apologizes so his ratings go through the roof. Dave doesn't really care if the apology soothes the offended party, just how much press can he get from it. He can then milk it for jokes like Johnny Carson used his many divorces for jokes. But sexually harassing his staff is not smoothed away by lame public apologies. This time Dave you are seriously creepy here. You are a borderline child molester if you ask us.

Remember when Lee Iococca got caught when his people were turning back thousands of odometers in the 1980's? Oops sorry! Yes we did it but we promise to never do it again. All is forgiven!

Iacocca Admits Mileage Tampering Was 'Dumb' - Apologizes for Chrysler's New Car 'Test-Drives' by Its Managers With Odometers Disconnected By JAMES RISEN, Times Staff Writer|July 02, 1987 DETROIT — Acknowledging that Chrysler had been "dumb" to disconnect the odometers on new cars being test-driven by company managers before they were sold, Chrysler Chairman Lee A. Iacocca asked the nation for forgiveness Wednesday. "Did we screw up? You bet we did," Iacocca conceded during a press conference at Chrysler's headquarters. "We're human, and sometimes people do some pretty dumb things."

Now the point we would like to discuss with Mr. Letterman is why he seems to pick his very plain little worker girls to use for sex? Because they are more or less a "captive" audience? If they say no to his advances (as Fanny Brice would say) would they lose their high paying television jobs? Yes more than likely Dave would can them if they refused.

He has opened himself up for some serious sexual harassment litigation now hasn't he? Apologize to the courts Dave as you open up that really tight wallet of yours to pay off the worker girls.

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Me-Me King said...

Do we give a s**t about Dave having affairs with even more boring women than the one he just married?

Too funny....hell no!!!