David Cook's Heartbreaking Return to Performing

From People:
David Cook started singing a slow song, stopped and turned away from the audience.

"It's gonna be tough for me," the Idol champ told the crowd of 450 at the Musica theater in Akron, Ohio, on Friday night. "Hold on. I'm sorry. Do you mind if I sing a different song?"

Taking the beat up a notch, Cook then energized the crowd, who passed up flowers and cards and held up signs in honor of his brother, Adam, who died May 2 at age 37 of cancer.

It was a night of emotional extremes for Cook, 26, now back on tour after Adam's death. Speaking of his brother throughout the night, he struggled through some songs – even walking out in the middle of one of them – but exhibited swagger on others.
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Manz said...

R.I.P Adam.

In my opinion, David is the best Idol contestant we've seen. Not only on a performance level, but as a human being - he's humble, giving, sensitive, articulate and humorous.

It must be a very tough time for him and his family.

The Snarky View said...

We whole heartedly agree! We were so mad last year when simon was mean to him so much! We voted for three straight weeks!

Anonymous said...

please... cook is looking like a major wimp... i have sympathy for his loss, but he's had years to come to terms with this... jennifer hudson lost three family members - including her mom - to murder, and she hasn't cracked or broken down once onstage, or in public since returning. she even managed to pull off a stunning performance of the star spangled banner in front of a worldwide audience during the superbowl after her tragedy. cook is playing in front of less than 500 people, and can't keep his stuff together. hudson is indicative of a professional, cook is looking more and more like a wimp.

The Snarky View said...

Well we do see your point and of course Ms Hudson was the perfect picture of poise under such tragic events. We do feel a bit wimpy ourselves over David walking offstage at the Sun Fest where we saw him play fabulously. Then run off to jet back home. No matter how much warning one may have it still hits hard. Our sympathies and respect go to both young performers dealing with such grief. We thank you for your honest comment which is what we are all about.

Dave needs to pull it together in a reasonable amount of time. Jennifer took time off which David has not. That might have made the difference too.