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We are having fang withdrawals already! OMG did you guys see the final episode Sunday night????
What a show! Held my breath through the whole thing! HBO is starting production on season 2 and will air in the Summer of 2009 YAY!

It was so unexpected that I would like True Blood. Twisted stuff has always appealed to me but not horror stuff. This was more twisted than horror filled. It was darn close to XXX rated in some scenes. All of the actors were so good.

Wasn't Steven Moyer awesome as Bill Compton? He made it possible to fall in love with a Vamp didn't he? Anna Paquin was really great too. Together those two really took you into that weird world. Didn't you just love the way he said Sukkie instead of Sookie? LOL

The theme song by Jace Everett hooked me from the first episode. It made me feel somehow safe and comforted before the show came on. See more on Jace HERE

I kept waiting for some really bad thing to happen between Tara and her mother. I bet they take that line further next season.

Any way THANK YOU HBO! After the close of The Sopranos/OZ/Six Feet Under/Sex and the City/I thought I'd never be excited on Sunday nights again! Rumor has it they are really pumping up some new series soon to rival those great shows in the past.

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