The Snarkies are so totally furious that dirt bag Ryan O'Neal is doing a promotional tour regarding her obviously terminal illness. Is there nothing beneath this man?

He taught all of his children how to live in a drug filled world. Blames his issues on his kids. Punches the teeth out of his son, and now is on the talk show and media circuit blabbing his big mouth about poor Farrah.

Let the woman have some peace for crying out loud why isn't he in jail with Redmond???

Just another celebrity that gets away with everything because he once was a handsome leading man ala OJ. Makes us sick. Somebody make this man shut his trap!

He will one day face all the crappy things he has done to those closest to him.
Does he really have to tell the entire media about the condition of her HAIR??? Come on this guy is just unbelievable. If Ryan really loved her as he is parading around all over the media, he would be with her instead of on his arrogant self absorbed media tour.


Beth said...

I'm with you on this one. I'm amazed that there are shows like Dateline devoting the entire hour to this story. It's very sad, and I'm sorry that she is dying from this, but when I think of the loved ones I've had die from cancer (aunts and uncles), I think about how they died quietly and with dignity, their family with them until the end. This should be a private matter, not something covered by the media!

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