We just remembers this fun story from about 1966 in the 5th grade. We had a lovely music teacher who brought in records and allowed the class to sing along with the records. Of course we all sounded just wonderful with the records!!!

Suddenly our techer left and was replaced by a not so charming teacher whose name we do remember but we'll be kind and call her Ms. Controlling.

On her first day she pused in an upright piano (no record player....) and in her controlling way insisted that the clas of 30 10 years old sing with just her voice and thst damn piano! YUCK

We sounded just awful.. Sooo being that we were rebellious children of the 60's we organized a "Singing Protest"! Can you imagine? 30 kids refused to SING!

Ms. Controlling hit a few keys and sang la la la la ready? And she launched into the sing for a full bar before noticing that not one kid was singing!

Well she tried again and again..... la la la ready? a la la la ready? a la la la ready?

Still no singing..... We sat there straight face and not a peep was uttered.

So Ms. C runs out of the classroom and gets the principal. She threatens and yells at us commanding us to SING!


So they yanked our recess for the rest of the year. But the next year... We got our charming teacher and the records BACK! The fifth grade rebellion won out!

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