Ok we have had enough about Miss California and her idiotic statements against gay marriage. The Snarkies have been asked for 2 weeks now when were we going to address this dip stick fake blonde robotic bimbo.

First of all... Who gives a sh*t what this dumb chick has to say?? What postion does she hold to have any influence over anyone? Is she a minister, teacher, lawmaker, or even an ACTRESS? Oh Hell no!

She isn't even a pageant WINNER. She is a pageant loser. She knew that saying that inflammatory statement would get her the 15 minutes of fame that is well over by now.

This also gave the moral majority (are they still major??) a platform to spew their hatred toward the gay community.

Then today we she Miss Informed is doing an ad:

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – After failing to stop recent gay marriage approvals in several states, opponents have found an attractive, telegenic poster woman in Miss California, a move reminiscent of beauty queen Anita Bryant's 1970s crusade against gay rights. (Yeah and look what happened to Anita's Career)

Miss California, a Christian college student named Carrie Prejean, joined in a television ad campaign against gay marriage this week, upsetting homosexual rights advocates, including a head of the Miss California pageant.

In the commercial from the National Organization for Marriage, Prejean is shown at the Miss USA competition last month where she answered a question about same-sex marriage by saying she opposed it, drawing both boos and cheers and setting off a raucous debate.

We just don't get what the fight is over. Why not honor love with a legal ceremony? It doesn't have to be sanctioned by religious sects. Civil rights is all that is necessary. These couple deserve the same rights as all other Americans.

If the best spokesperson they can find is this beauty pageant ding dong. then their cause will be lost. God bless IOWA!

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Doctor Faustroll said...

So is this bimbo related to that Prejean from Dead Man Walking? Just curious because my insignificant penis is limp which indicates she's either related to a nun or none too bright.