A lot of people that haven't read Henry Hill's Book do not know that My Blue Heaven the Steve Martin movie was based a lot on Henry Hill's life in The Witness Protection Program.

It seems that Nicholas Pileggi was working with Henry by phone a lot while writing his book Wiseguy. Well guess who Mr. Pileggi is married to....

Nora Ephron! The fabulously talented writer and film producer.

Guess who was writing My Blue Heaven at the same time as Nick was writing Wise Guy? (Goodfellas)

Henry wrote about being mad that he didn't get paid for being the "star" of MBH In his book.

There are an awful lot of similarities although done with great hilarity. One of Henry's biggest complaints in Witness Relocation was that he couldn't get good produce at the grocery stores in Omaha. He is a fabulous cook and need produce like rugula for his Italian recipes.

There is a scene in MBH where Steve Martin is in the grocery store complaining about the very same vegetables. Steve's character Vinnie was always running scams and risking his safety in the Witness Program.

So was Henry... In fact they moved him from Omaha to Kentucky and no matter where they put him he was arrested for "wiseguy" behaviors. So is it coincidence that Nora wrote a very funny version of Henry Hill's escapades? We think not and neither does Henry Hill...LOL

Watch My Blue Heaven again and with Henry Hill in mind... It makes this movie even funnier at least it does to the Snarkies LOL



Alisha said...

OMG I am gonna run out and rent that movie and watch it again....

Beth said...

I had no idea that movie had anything to do with Henry Hill! I've ordered a book written by Hill's kids for my husband for Christmas...but I think I'll probably want to read it, too!

The Snarky View said...

Watch Blue Heaven again and then the movie makes more sense. Especially when he goes to the grocery store and brings home a new wife... I read the kids book and you'll really dislike Henry after reading that one. I finally met someone who is into the gangster stuff like ME!
My favorite story is about Phyllis and Sam I will do that one on Retro soon.

Thanks and I am glad I met you Beth!

Kelly said...

You know, the first time I watched that movie with Steve Martin, I was reminded of Henry Hill in "Goodfellas". Then the idea slipped out of mind quicker than you can say BANG. Now that you've written this post--it does explain a lot and the connection is clear.

The Snarky View said...

Kel watch it again, Henry really did get married twice under two different names just like Steve did in the comedy.
It makes Blue Heaven a lot funnier once you know.