The Snarkies lost TWICE!!! We are just stunned! First Dancing with the Stars picks the little gymnast! What??? Cheryl or Tony would have been perfect, either pair would have been sweet. Even Mark was stunned that they won!!

Unbelievable but at least the little gymnast could dance but ballroom? NO!

At the very least this was not as much of a rip off as Mel B losing to the idiot race car driver though. That was the worst ever. Maks and Mel B haven't been topped yet in our not humble opinions.

Then we moved to American IDOL!

KRIS OVER ADAM??? Kris is talented and a good musician but do you really think he can follow DAVID COOK? OH HELL NO..... ADAM could have though!

Week after week this entire season ADAM brought it! He morphed into every category they threw at him. He is absolutely fabulous on every level. He is an IDOL. Sorry Kris is too bland however talented and cute, Adam blows him right off that stage. Luckily they will both get record deals. Let's see what happens with their release numbers.... hmmmm

All we can say is that vote had to be awfully close.... Also the week before the final the call in numbers fro Adam weren't working and transferring votes over to Kris's line. We resorted to texting instead. The Idol Producers really need to work out a newer more effect voting system.

On the whole both shows were really great this year and every participant really gave the best to entertain and we were really having a blast each weekwatching both shows.

We thank them all for their huge efforts!

Ciao babies!

Remembering our many lost War Veterans this Memorial Day....

Barbra and the snarkies!

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