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WELL WELL WELL another Chimp Fatality due to a stupid f'ing HUMAN OWNER!

This week Barbra was inundated with emails asking when she would comment on this topic. Ms Seville rescued 3 chimps from a really crappy HUMAN owner back in the 80's So she has had some up close in house exposure to chimpanzees kept in captivity!

They are being held in CAPTIVITY by the stupid humans with little care for the well being of the chimp! They are not a family member! They are not HUMAN children they are WILD ANIMALS. It really pisses off the Snarkies that in this country is perfectly legal to buy chimpanzees and keep them in houses like this! THIS NEEDS TO STOP

Yes we are FLAMED OUT about this CREEPY lady and the media portraying the chimp as CRAZED! HELLO that owner was the crazed one. Sleeping with him? Taking baths with him? For crying out loud! Who let this person keep this poor chimp in her home all these years?? Yes.. we understand that she loved Travis and it would have been hard on Travis and the owner to separate. Like puttingyour child in a foster home. But it was MORE cruel and totally her decision to keep him that caused her friend's injuries, the police injuries and ultimately the death of Travis.

Barbra's first reaction to this story was RELIEF for Travis. He is free from that life and in a better place. He should never have been living like that.

The USDA is supposed to regulate wild animal owners. To purchase a chimpanzee you have to pass their regulations and be inspected. Where was the USDA?

We need to stop using Chimps for entertainment and forcing them to behave as humans. They are not human. Trunk Monkeys use older chimps and we often wonder (we know..) what methods the handlers are using to get them to perform.

Chimpanzees are absolutely RUINED by human contact. Yes they are sweet as babies and up to about age 10 they are cute and loving. After they are 10 when they enter puberty and realize they are bigger than their human handlers.

Chimpanzees are so strong and their skin so thick that managing them is very difficult. Handlers often use cattle prods to shock a chimp into submission. When they are young they will respond much like a human child. You can offer them a "bribe" like pizza and pop in exchange for good behavior. Once they enter adulthood handlers are using drugs to keep them manageable. Yes they drug these animals... Otherwise these chimps would make a break for it and head back for the jungle!

Freddy age 5

Freddy is now well over 20 years old and living in a circus animal retirement home because he was ruined by human handlers.
The handlers removed most of his teeth so he wouldn't bite children as poor Freddy was forced to have them sit on him and get
their pictures taken. Awful! Just hated that. Freddy loved pizza, pop, and his favorite movie was "Harry and the Hendersons"

He was punished for bad behavior so putting him in with wild chimps would have been disastrous. If they hit him Freddy woukd think he deserved it. Freddy would end up most likely killed by the other chimps. His only option is to be placed in an kind environment with other wild animals ruined by people.

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Orna Mentell said...

You are right what that lady did to that animal was borderline personality at it's worst. Chimp abuse. He's better off