You're About To Learn the Top 10 Secrets

Here's another interesting Spam email we all see. WHO IS THIS GUY????

You're About To Learn Secrets

Most Women Will Never Know About Meeting And Keeping A Great Man...”

Inside Christian Carter's Ebook you'll learn...

  • What goes on inside a man's mind... and how attraction works for him. YAWN DO WE CARE??
  • How to "cheat-proof" your relationship... and why he might be tempted. LIKE WE'RE NOT TEMPTED?
  • The ten fatal mistakes to avoid that most women make with men. YOU MEAN IT CAN KILL US?
  • What to do if your man has a "wandering eye". RUN UP HIS CHARGE CARDS WHILE HIS EYES R WANDERING!
  • The differences in how men and women think about dating... and why
    most men want to keep you from being successful. WE WANT TO BE SUCCESSFUL?

  • The seven secrets to communicating with a man that will create lasting love and affection. OH PLEASE
  • The truth about men who aren't "emotionally available"... how to know if you've got one and what to do if you're dating one. IF YOU GOT ONE THROW HIM BACK
  • The five things women do that annoy men and kill intimacy. NOW THERE'S A LIST
  • The inside tips married women know about the tell-tale signs of a great guy. HOW DO THEY KNOW ?
  • And you'll also get a FREE trial to Christian Carter's exclusive Dating Advice For Women eLetter...


  • What goes on in a man's mind? More sex more beer! there you go! oh and where;s the remote?
  • if your with a cheater... bolt! Don't even stop at Starbucks... book honey!
  • If there are ten fatal mistakes we make.. ever thought it might be on purpose?
  • Men date for sex, women date for free food and booze
  • The secret to communicating with men is in # 4
  • 5 things to kill intimacy? yawn, laugh, call your mother, talk up his best friend, insist the lights be off
  • Asking a married women to tell you about "good men" is like asking an inmate his opinion on snorkling
  • Emotionally unavailable? Live your own life leave sad sack at home
  • One of the ladies did buy his book. She opted for being a happy singleton.

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