The History of the Bob Haircut!

Lynne Chapman
BellaOnline's Hair Editor

The History of the Bob Haircut

The bob haircut is an ever fashionable style that first made its appearance in the 1920's and has reappeared, as the trend, many times since. The style was, at first, shocking as women who previously prided themselves on long, luxurious hair, chopped off their locks in a show of independence and equality with men. The original style was worn straight and flat on top or waved with a Marcel iron.

A style is a 'bob' if it is cut with a weighted area falling anywhere from just below the ears to just below the chin.

Although the bob has faded from the style front on occasion it has always been in the back-ground
showing sophistication and class. Vidal Sassoon made such a hit with his severe and sculpted adaptation of this style that many think that it originated with him.

The most interesting thing about the bob is that it has been updated and modified for many style
trends but with each come-back, the original look is still as acceptable as the new styles.

This style is adaptable to many facial structures and textures of hair. This, along with the ease of styling most adaptations are likely reasons for its tendency to keep reappearing on the style scene.

Over the years, the cut has been modified by adding bangs or taking them away, stylized by cutting
one side short while leaving the other long, texturized, permed, waved, poofed and flattened, but it is always unmistakably a bob.

Curly or straight, there is a bob haircut to fit just about every face and life style. So if you are looking for a new look that is sophisticated and stylish as well as appropriate for the office and easy to care for, there is very likely a bob that is perfect for you.

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