Dontcha love this! Of course they'll never sell this house! LOL

Bad neighbors are a NIGHTMARE! OMG We just got a new neignbor with a charming crack head daughter. What luck! It is not unusual to come home and spy this 20 something sitting bolt upright with her basket of laundry at her feet, sleeping on the front porch. Broad daylight in front of the entire neighborhood.

Then of course when her mother isn't home she would boom the techno music full blast so we would be tortured with boom boom boom, boom boom boom for hours. One day it started at 10:30 am and finally stopped at 11:35 pm.

Gratefully the crack head moved somewhere else and just visits now. Just in the nick of time as we were getting ready to launch our favorite Polka tunes full blast at 5am!

Ciao babies

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