Dancing With the Stars Boots off Carlisle

Well DWTS got it right this time and kicked off the sour puss of the season.
Good! We want happy people and Ms Carlisle had a sour attitude from the
beginning. Why bother showing up if you think you are "above" this show?

Evidently Ms Carlisle was surpirised at the negative response she got from
the judges. She looked very angry when they dissed her dance. OY

She really didn't have any factors that might save her, her appearance was poor,
her dancing poor, and her attitude was poor. Ciao darling...

From ABC

Belinda Carlisle had to go-go home March 17, 2009, making her the first contestant to
be eliminated from Season 8 of "Dancing With the Stars." Carlisle, the former lead singer
of the group the Go-Go's, and dancing partner Jonathan Roberts were eliminated as the l
owest-scoring couple, after debuting their salsa performance March 16, 2009. This season
features the show's first-ever dance-off, in which the two lowest-scoring dance teams can
perform their dances over again in final hopes of staying on the show. Apple co-founder
Steve Wozniak and partner Karina Smirnoff were the second-lowest scoring dance duet.
"I had a great time," Carlisle said of her time on the show. "I learned how to dance and I wish
I could have done better for Jonathan, because he's a great teacher."

For you go go fans here is Ms. C during a better decade:


Me Me said...

Time for Belinda to take a "Vacation".

The Snarky View said...

Yeah heard she is go go ing to India....

Carl said...

I went to the dentist and had my teeth cleaned. Tammy, the lady who cleaned my teeth, asked, "So have you watched any games lately? Basketball? Baseball?..." I guess she automatically assumes that all guys watch sports and nothing else. I replied, "Well, none of the above. But I DO watch Dancing with the Stars." She, in a state of concussion, was overwhelmed by my answer, and said, "Oh yes. Dancing is a sport, isn't it?" Lord. Are men only allowed to watch sports and only sports and nothing else?

The Snarky View said...

Well we think you're fabulous for watching DWTS! Who needs some sweaty old basketballers running back and forth? We love Dancing MEN

Kelly said...

Belinda Carlisle and her dancin' dude lost because Belinda is a bit on the pillowy side. She could'nt shake her hips. Worse than that was the fact she had zero enthusiasm.

kelly said...

Yeah, she has that attitude about not caring about anything.

How am I doin'? I'm doing alright. I'm not going to bore ya with the negative crap. Everybody has their own. The blog is the bright spot in my life right now. Besides that, I had to get my 20 lb. pussy (cat) shaved at the vet's place. She feels a lot better now with the nasty matted fur taken off her back and butt. But then, who wouldn't? Heh heh. "Screaming" Me-Me has been helpful, lately, by givin me some good (written) swift kicks to my procrastinating ass, as far as posting on my site and re-joining up with HumorBloggers. With the prescription pills, depression disorder, major diabetes and Dad needing help with his dementia, it's hard for me to stay focused, too. Hey, there I go again with the negativity. That's my que to hit the road and catch ya later. Take care! Stay cool!

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