Ciao babies!

Well it is so far so good! With the exception of Cloris and Jeff Ross the rest have done a pretty good job!
Our particular stand outs from Tuesday night were Lance Bass, Toni Braxton, Brooke Burke (SHE IS SURPRISINGLY GOOD)

Here's The Snarky View Recap:

Lance: We really love his dancing! Len picks on him for some reason. He gave Maurice a 7 and Lance a 6. No way! Something else is going on here... Lance was robbed.

Misty May: She does look like she's in drag. Last season's winner Kristy Yamaguchi was so smooth and rhythmic. Misty seems like she is going to throw Maks across the room. Reminds us of
Jethrine Bodine in a sequin dress. We have her as our top pick so hopefully she'll get better. She's pulling good marks but we don't see it. She is kind of wild looking. Our least favorite of the night besides Cloris.

Maurice: Good dancer freesyle but he has to learn form to dance in the ballroom. He needs to dance and not stand there watching and waiting for Cheryl to stop spinning. Like his energy a lot.

Brooke: Got 9's She is really GOOD! Looks lovely and very smooth, especially for the first week.

Cloris: Needs to go home tonight (Wed) She is not funny and can't dance. There are older women that can dance at 82. She is not one of them. We are kind of enjoying the fact that she is so heavy. She slammed the kids on The Facts of Life for decades for being fat. Well now SHE is fat. She should follow her own advice.

Toni: Our girl needs to breathe! Hang in there Toni B! We loved her blue costume. We love Alec as well. 10's from us! Sparky and Elegant like Bruno said!

Warren: WE LOVED HIM THE MOST! Hey Roxie! he did great! How much fun was he??? Watch Warren!

Snarky Most Entertaining of the Evening! Warren Sapp!

Ted: Hey he was great too! What a great dancer body! Good job TED! Solid dancing! He will get better too.
The judges gave him terrible scores.. 6 6 7 he was better than that.

Cody: A Snarky Favorite very good young dancer! He could win it too. Julianne is a great teacher and he learns quick. He looked great in that tux.

Rocco: We gotta say... Rocco was hot! We dig it! Surprise dance of the night! He was great! You go Rocco!

Susan Lucci: Stiff and painful to watch. Though she was better than Monday night. She'll be the third to go home. Why oh why don't they give Tony Dovolani a good partner??? He is so great and they give him most challenged partners.....Give him someone good!

Kim: Not very good kid! Lots of awkward pauses. Stupid song, bad choreography. Not all her fault.

GOING HOME TONIGHT JEFF ROSS buhbye zzzzzzzzzz Now let's lose Cloris tonight!

We will post after tonight's episode. Snarkies stayed up too late last night watching QVC!

Stay tuned....

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