The Snarkies are extremely thrilled to have one of our very favorite hunky singers back on TV.
TV right now is in serious lack of gorgeous men. Yes they are in short supply. Finally they found the
righ format for Chris which showcases his music mixed with other musicians in a combo variety
chat show type setting.

As much as we loved his other show on Showtime we just waited for the performance scenes.
Especially painful was that sad last season where he ended up with his assistant/manager girl.

Enough of that please just let the dreamboat crooner man sing.... sigh....

Here is the trailer for his new show which starts Thurday 2-26 ON BIO

Watch the trailer HERE

Another cool Chris event is his first studio produced cd in 7 years... is coming out tomorrow
2-24! YAY We have our copy pre-ordered from from Amazon for 9.99 Get a Copy Of Mr. Lucky

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