* Belinda Carlisle, lead singer of the Go-Go's and solo artist.
Groan not very good she must have lost her GO GO's

* David Alan Grier, actor-comedian and host of Comedy Central's Chocolate News.
Not too bad but be funny or don't not both

* Holly Madison star of Girls Next Door Playboy bunny show.
She was beautiful and pretty good but will the DWTS curse of the prettiest ones
getting the boot early on going to happen to Holly???

* Shawn Johnson, 17-year-old Olympic gold and silver-medal-winning gymnast.
She was fabulous but isn't kind of cheating to put a gymnast against normal people???

* Lil' Kim, Grammy Award-winning rapper. OUR PICK TO WIN
She was very hot but dedicating her to the girls in GEN POP was too over the top... groan

* Gilles Marini, actor who played Dante in the Sex and the City movie.
OMG THIS GUY IS HOT HOT HOT We hope he makes to the finals....... sigh

* Ty Murray, rodeo star and husband of Jewel.
Will he be able to let go and look stupid in front of millions? He looked pretty
bad last Monday!

* Steve-O, Jackass star.
Surprisingly compelling to watch him. He may just surprise everyone.

* Melissa from the BACHELOR,
She was verrrrry good she may be in the finals

* Denise Richards, actress, reality TV star and ex-wife of CHARLIE SHEEN.
We still hope they vote her whiney butt off this show first. Charlie's Revenge...

* Lawrence Taylor, ex-New York Giants football player and Hall of Famer.
Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible Terrible

* Chuck Wicks, county singer and boyfriend of former DWTS champ Julianne
Pretty good and we all know Julianne will whip him into perfect shpae quickly

* Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple computers.
See * Lawrence Taylor review

What happened to part two where they kick the first one off??? We must have
missed out on that announcement. annoyed we are.... waiting a week for DWTS!

Our favorite DANCE of last MONDAY

Melissa is partnered with our much beloved Tony Dovolani. Finally they have
given him a young athletic partner to work with. We would cheer if Mr. Tony would
go all the way.

Melissa really showed that LOSER BACHELOR JERK
what he missed.... What a way to make a comeback honey!

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