Dumb and Poor? Here's a simple way to make MONEY!

Hey Snarkies! Are you guys getting all these spam emails all the time like me? Of course you are DUMB question. I thought I get so many funny spams that I may actually make a spot for a showcase of some of the best ones. Although I must say... these days my spam email may be more interesting than my regular emails...

Here is Barbra's SPAMMER GALLERY for this week:

“Dumb and poor? Here's a simple way to make MONEY!”

This ad jumps right out at me. Brilliant tag line. I must really be DUMB AND POOR. It's a marketing wonder because I actually opened that spam and looked at it. It's crap but the tag line is awesome.


No shit sherlock! I though the internet was private! Ssh don't tell anyone! It's like the world's biggest billboard and with a few clicks you can find anyone or anything. But paying by phone or in person are not any safer. Big Brother launched in 1995.

“Single CHRISTIANS Want to MEET You” Ah no they don't! Trust me here.... Do Christians date New Age Buddhists? They should stick to E-Harmony.

“FAT? Get Phentremine. Get Skinny” LOL! A real headline grabber! No more fat people! Buy their crappy pills feel jittery and get skinny! That explains why obesity has dropped so much recently... Ever take that junk? It is horrible.

“Would you meet me tonight if I was SPICY or if I was SWEET?”NO only if you are RICH AND HANDSOME and give us a good prenup. Keep the spicy sweet for Chinese food.

"RACHEL RAY LOVES WU YI YEA!" I wouldn't buy an egg timer from her. Somebody tell Rachel she needs vocal cord stripping. Her voice is shot! Of course she's have to shut up for two weeks after the surgeryI Which might prove to be impossible... Annoying girl.

“Start a Dream Career in Massage and Bodywork”Do you know anyone that is in the massage field? I do and they rarely talk about how dream like it is. They talk about how hard it is to build a clientele and keep it. They talk about the back breaking effort that goes into doing this everyday. Not to mention massaging on creepies that come in. Ewwww They deserve every penny they get.

“Somebody LIKES you!” Well that's nice to know but p.s. we don't like you!

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