Why So Serious??

Dontcha just love this picture? How perfect! Except.. Did somebody paint that kitty?
Or is it photoshopped? Sure looks painted on.

But.. the Snark is starting to come back... We lost it for awhile when that blogger humor
group didn't let us in their club. The Snarkies lost their snark. Then we saw this picture!

We laughed out loud and we realized that we need to learn to let go....

The Snarkies have been quite serious these days. We are testy over our lack of reality
show entertainment! Top Chef is a snooze this season. We don't care about any of them
except we kind of like that snobby Finnish guy.

You know Finnish people in Finland think that saying hi! to strangers is ridiculous. If you say
hi to them they look at you like a freak of nature. They are charming people but only if you know
them. Which brings up the question... How do you get to know them? Oh well enough of Finn
bashing. We love the Finns we are related to a ton of them. Thatt explains Barbra's beautiful
blonde hair (natural of course!)

Anywhoo we have no Dancing with the Stars and will have to make due with American Idol.
Can't believe people still like watching those psychotically bad singers make idiots out of
themselves. It's painful to watch but that's why they invented the MUTE button on the remote.

True Blood will be back this summer. We need a NEW SHOW! Listening HBO?

The Snarkies got a lovely gift certificate to the Oasis Hot Tub spa and soaked all our stress away.

Lovely place with a very helpful staff. However paying a dollar to get a bubble full of smelly stuff was
stupid. (We bought 2) and 2 Oasis bottled waters. We're not cheap!
Want to see what room we had?

We had the Cozumel room.

Not quite Mexico... LOL

It was lovely even though it was snowing on our heads. We loved it so much we are going
there for Barbra's birthday Feb 9.

This time we are going to get this room!

The Japan

Ciao babies


Julie said...

That cat picture scares the beejesus out of me!!!

Rusty said...

I'm not sure why but whenever I see a picture of this cat it makes me die laughing to the point where I almost pee myself!