The Snarkies have loved this fun show and watched it since the beginning. We watched for one reason

MR.BIG Chris Noth.

We loved him on Law and Order and turned on this show to see more of Chris.

We also tuned in to watch Aidan. If we can't have Big then we wre happy with John. We had to cover our eyes watching Carrie tear him apart. sigh

The movie picks up 4 years after Big rescued Carrie from Paris.

Carrie: To us this girl ruins every relationship she enters. Yes dears it was always her stupidity and over thinking that doomed every relationship she had. It was painful to watch her stalk boyfriends (Big and his mom in church) More painful to watch her try to out think the men she was with. She'd have been better off keeping most of this stuff to herself. We found her the most annoying of the girls. We all had a friend like this in high school didn't we? They never could see their self defeating patterns.

So it's hard to believe that Carrie hasn't chased Big away after 4 years... But we pick up with them apartment hunting for a huge closet for her shoes.

Miranda: Hated her at first and grew to like her the best. Anyone who watched the series saw Miranda treat Steve like dirt and actually treated most of the few men that ever really liked her the same way. She grows weary of sleeping with Steve and he cheats on her. In a stupid moment he tells her he did it. In self righteous fury she moves out. What??? He forgave her how many times??? That made the Snarkies mad. She really doesn't love him and never did. Just our opinion....

Charlotte: is happy and married to Harry. The couple have adopted a daughter named Lily. She didn't have much to do in this movie but was funny when she confronts Big. Charlotte was the comic relief. Gratefully we didn't have to many scenes with her husband. Ewww a love scene with that guy had to kill her! YUCK

Samantha: is living with Smith in LA, commuting to New York every chance she gets. Not happy being monogamous and peeping at her neighbor for entertainment. That neighbor wasn't 1/3 as hot as Smith. Crazy to even think about cheating on that hunk! At least Sam is true to herself and wants to live her life for HER.

Funny we actually became farklempt during this movie. It actually has sad parts in it and they got to us a bit. sniff sniff

Not enough of Stanford and Mario!

Jennifer Hudson:
was great! It was a huge relief to have a normal woman on the screen!

All in all we loved it!We give it 4 kisses. We were really entertained for the entire duration. We viewed this kind of late after release. We wait for Pay Per View, we get a discount!

If you liked the show you'll LOVE the movie buy it here!

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