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The Ladies loved having the Wives back Sunday night. We wish they would let Carlos SEE!!! They have turned him into a sap. We love Carlos and want him to be his old hottie latino self NOW. Fat Gabbie oh no WAY. Really far fetched making her chubby kid run behind the car. Ahhh you just gotta love Mark Cherry.

LOVE LOVE LOVE the scene where Katherine sticks it to Bree in a sweet way. Best part of the whole show. Those two gals really play well together. Porter and Preston, the Scavo twins, are still nasty brats at 16. Loved it when Tom finally gets a clue about his charming boys. They found the two perfect bratty teenagers to play those obnoxious children grown up.

Writing was weak and they'll have to step it up and hopefully quickly.

Edie's husband is a freak! YAY we need more freaks! Hey Kyle McLaughlin can sing! Stay tuned snarkies for next week.....

If you missed it catch the full episode on ABC.Com

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