Snarky Top Ten Desperate Housewives Characters

!. Bree Van De Camp-Hodge (Marcia Cross)
We love her the absolute most! She is the perfect snarky woman! Martha Stewart with a gun!
She is ethically challenged and totally narcissistic. Her resolve under any circumstance never waivers.
Her loyalty and sense of right and wrong are well defined. She is very talented and unpredictable. Kind of reminds us of Serial Mom We Adore Bree.

2. Carlos Solis (Ricardo Antonio Chavira)
Our favorite Desperate Housewives Husband. Carlos was hot, unpredictable, and a little scary in the beginning of this show. Now they have turned him into a simp. Made him blind, took away his money, and made him revoltingly weak! YUCK Please Mark Cherry bring the old Carlos back to Wisteria Lane!

3. Karl Mayer (Richard Burgi) OMG we love gorgeous Karl! He is the perfect ex-husband jerk with money! We just can't believe he'd have ever married stupid Susan in the first place!

4. Tom Scavo (Doug Savant) Tommy has become MORE interesting as time goes on. He's funny and cute. He lightens up the show and keeps the rest of the neighborhood from blowing out the scenery. The most "normal" character we need him to balance out the nut bars in the hood!

5. Orson Hodge (Kyle Mclachlan) Met Bree at a booby hatch. Good start! He is the perfect man for Bree. He is a bit on the OCD (obsessive Compulsive disorder) side but that what endears him to us. This season he is full of resentment and jealousy YAY

6. Mike Delfino (James Denton) He is flawed which is why we love him. He is the best match for Idiot Susan. Mike is in the background this season and we hope that doesn't last long. Mike needs a new writer.

7. Andrew Van De Camp (Shawn Pyfrom) what a great little actor he is! Andrew is being good now but we hope he changes back soon! He was so good at being bad. We love being bad.

8. Gabrielle Solis (Eva Longoria) Love Gabby but she needs her money, her man, and style back! Poor Gabby! Oh and a new gardener to play with!

9. Katherine Mayfair (Dana Delany) She is the ultimate desperate housewife. Dark and revenge oriented. We just love her and Bree going to war. You can't take your eyes off of Katherine. she steals every scene she is in. Mark Cherry wanted her to play Bree back in the day.

10. Lynette Scavo (Felicity Huffman)
Also really ethically challenged. Lynette is the voice of reason on Wisteria Lane. She cares about other people more than herself mostly. Loves her family to a fault. Her character is brave and like some other women we know unafraid to voice her opinion in any situation.

Honorary Dead Character:

George Williams (Roger Bart) the Pharmacist! Man he was GREAT! Fabulously psychotic and charming! What a perfect creepy, needy, desperate stalker George was. We miss him can't they bring him back as a twin or a ghost or something? Here's George:

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