Welcome to our new fabulous blogger home!

Thank you Angelika for the lovely high 5 on your blog! We had just
finished moving all of the 200 posts over to blogger from the
dreaded quickblogcast platform.

That program was so hard to use and limited in design options. I brought over all the most popular posts as we just didn't have the strength to move them all over here.

We just love blogger and already our numbers have tripled! Coincidence? We think NOT.... Anyhoo we are developing a new look and colors too. We are very happy to have google followers so please follow the snarkies and we'll follow you too.

Comments are so much more fun to interact with here too. So stay tuned Snarky is going into overdrive....

Ciao darlings and have a great Monday....



Angelika said...

You're very welcome! :-)

Da Old Man said...

The site looks great.

The Snarky View said...

Thank you! It is so much more fun on blogger and easy to customize and post. I did move over over 100 of our older posts and that looks kinda weird but May 1 they'll archive and we'll be normal (?) We love it here!