Dancing with the Stars What the Heck???

After a really promising first episode everyone has lost it! OMG everyone is so bad tonight! Toni Braxton was really good but after her we keep waiting for somebody to low us away. Aint happening

In order of best performance tonight

Toni did a nice job got decent marks

Brooke was pretty good not as bad as the judges thought. They slammed her a bit.

Kim was awful, Mommy and Daddy can't buy rhythm!

The judges were pretyy mean to her. We almost shed a tiny tear.

Maurice groan this guy talks too much about himself he aint all that

Rocco babe we wanted to love you but not tonight sweetie

Biggest Disappointment MISTY MAY what is wrong with HER??? She looks terrified and can't bear the idea of LOSING? Get over it and dance!

We still give the dance of the night to Warren Sapp damn he's cute and strangely attractive.

Here's more DWTS fun!

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