Dancing With the Stars is Coming September 22!

YAY Dancing with the Stars is Baccck!! MY FAVORITE SHOW Here's the new lineup:

Kim Kardashian Over-rated Celebrity Kid (At least it's not Bruce Jenner)
Toni Braxton Gorgeous Singer
Lance Bass Has Been Boy Bander
Susan Lucci Old Soap Star
Warren Sapp Who the hell is he???
Cloris Leachman Really Old TV star but really funny as Malcolm in the Middle's Grandmother
Rocco DiSpirito Really cute Chef
Cody Linley ?? Cute little 16 yr old movie star
Brooke Burke Didn't She go with Bruce Willis?
Jeffery Ross ?? Have no idea
Maurice Greene American former sprinter
Misty May-Traener She'll win this too
Ted McGinley Married with Children Star

Without even seeing a show my guess would be Misty-May, Lance Bass, Toni Braxton

I am still Pissed OFF that MEL B was robbed last season! Helio couldn't dance his way out of a Race Track


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