Old Bats at the Pool

I went to the pool at an apartment complex today. You wouldn't believe the two old shriveled up things that were parading all around the pool area. Both looked anorexic and extremely wrinkled up. eeeeewwww!
One had kinda nice hair from the back but MAN from the front was SCARY. At what age do you finally throw in the towel and give up on trying to look like a teenager? Or is it that these babes aren't really that old....Maybe they have just destroyed themselves with drugs, alcohol, and suntanning? Either way should someone alert them to how yucky these old haggies look? I know they think they look like this pic below. NOT

This is mentally deranged behavior. They both were horribly horribly wrinkled really really skinny. But they both walked around like they were Pamela Anderson! UGH

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Rhonda (Orna Mentell) said...

I need to stop in to your place, can you put your cats in a locked room? You know how they want to run out the door when they see me. Could it be my history with cats? Could it be that I squished the life out of one, by accident of course. It all started on a hot summer night in 1969, I was 13 yrs. old, doing what all teens in my neighborhood were doing, sneaking out at midnight. I thought it was big fun to JUMP out the bedroom window.I did that a bunch, the next day the "crabby" neighbor lady came looking for her cat. She found it stiffer than a board under my window, it was not the way you would want to see you beloved pet. That was the beginning of Orna Mentell vs. the Cats, Mostly Black Cats.I think I need therapy for this problem between myself and cats. See you later and don't forget to put the cats away. Better hide those kitties!
Till my next Cat Tail (Tale)
and I have plenty,
Orna Mentell